Understanding Dementia and Caregiving for Your Aging Parents From A to Z

Caregiving takes its toll in many ways – mentally, emotionally, and physically. It is important to ask for and accept help as you come to grips with this enormous task in front of you. There are lots of books on caregiving, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, which review the same topics in different ways. “Understanding Dementia and Caregiving For Your Aging Parents From A to Z” attempts to look at the same subject matter through a different lens. While having a base of knowledge about the subject is important, information alone, or beyond a certain point, isn’t the only ingredient you will need in order to cope with a dementia diagnosis. Consequently, this book is not an attempt to educate you on all the medical aspects of dementia, although they are touched on lightly. Instead, it speaks to you from the heart and a personal standpoint. It lets you know some of what to expect and the emotions and thoughts you might have in response to your loved one’s deteriorating condition, and it provides suggestions to help you cope. Written by Ellen Gerst, a grief and relationship coach, who understands the journey you are about to or have already started, for she is traveling on this road too. Praise for “Understanding Dementia and Caregiving For Your Aging Parents From A to Z” Dr. Jeffrey Lieb, psychiatrist, says, “Ellen Gerst’s A to Z guide is written with wisdom and experience. Easy-to-read- yet packed full with useful information. Recommended for anyone who has a family member with dementia or Alzheimer’s.” Judy Svendsen, an elder care specialist, says, “This is a book that caregivers, professional staff, and paraprofessional can read, enjoy and utilize. Broken down into easy, understandable terms. Bravo!” Amanda M. Borer, Administrator for an Adult Day and Residential facility, highly recommends this book for anyone caring for a loved one with an Alzheimer’s or dementia diagnosis. She says, “Ms. Gerst does a great job of keeping the book concise without taking away from the content which is informative, straightforward and easy-to-read. Navigating a dementia diagnosis can be a difficult process for everyone, but this book could be used as a guide, making that process just a little easier. I will definitely be recommending this to those family members coming into our facilities.”



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