Senior Citizen Caregiving 101: Things I wish I’d known

I was my 95 year old Mom’s caregiver for the last 5 years of her life. During this time, I learned about senior citizen caregiving mostly on my own with my Mom’s careful and loving guidance.

The things I most wish I’d known before starting down this caregiver path were begging to be documented, and that’s what you’ll find in this eBook – the good, the bad (although sometimes pretty humorous), and, upon occasion, the very ugly.

This eBook also contains what I call ‘Gertie-isms’ (Mom’s name was Gertie) so out of the mouth of very old babes comes some pretty funny stuff.

Review from one reader:
Just about everyone is going to have a need for this book at some point or another. If not because he or she is caring for a parent, like author Lori Burdoo did, then caring for another elderly loved one — or even just empathizing with a dear friend’s challenges as they become a caregiver.

I would highly recommend this very readable book. I wish I had had a copy of this book 12 years ago when I was enduring the end of my parents’ lives. Perhaps I’d have been able to approach it with the grace, compassion, and humor that Lori so clearly demonstrates in generously sharing her experiences of Gertie’s last years.

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